Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It definitely took a stretch of my mind to wrap my head around the Autobiography of Red; however, once I got past that, it was good. The fact that color was not a visual, but yet a sound, kept me very interested. To know that the blackness of the night could be heard, was eerie, but so intriguing. And even the gold that shined so brightly in happy moments, showed a very nice use of color. Beyond that, the relationships spoke volumes to me. How that the smoking of Geryon's mother affected him directly, was interesting. The fact that his lungs always hurt so much, yet she was the smoker, was awesome. It strikes me that the cover of the book wasn't red, but yet a plain picture of the volcano. I think Geryon was truly trying to find himself throughout this book, and as he erupted and things did not work out for the best between him and Herakles, he moves into a new stage through his photography. He always liked the night, disappearing, and the overcoat to hide him. He takes a rather striking photo that I can picture of the man curled up in fetal position (himself), and I see that he blooms throughout the book. Though the pain he was to take from his bother, his lover, and the world; shaped him to a beautiful man, from an ugly monster. It's true that the journey is sometimes necessary!

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