Monday, January 21, 2008

As a reader, I felt that Anne Carson's book was carefully crafted, but missing a crucial section on being tempted by a female. Or did I miss something? (I know there was mention of his mother's breasts and the assistant librarian's daughter's foot.) Is the reader meant to believe that Geryon is indeed gay? Or that his sexual abuse as a very young boy by another male makes him believe that he is meant to be with men, since he became comfortable with the male intimacy early on. Even if Geryon tried engaging in romantic relationships with women, they probably would not work out because he is so sexually and emotionally confused. It was sad witnessing a sensitive young boy transform into a young man and continually be taken advantage of throughout his life by male "predators."


Becky Slinger said...
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Becky Slinger said...

I think that Geryon was gay Megan, and perhaps the sexual abuse by his brother and his mother's...ditziness, I guess, did not help his lack of relationships with woman. She was the only real female character in the book and she loves Geryon but she does not pay attention enough to see the abuse. I also think you're right. If Geryon tried to have a relationship with a woman it would not have worked because of his past but I think it would have been interesting if Carson had explored this.
-Becky Slinger