Monday, January 28, 2008

Merry Gold

I enjoyed this novel, especially chapter 23 "Merry Comes Back". I think that the trees being fake, the daughters having to straighten their curly hair, and her restlessness in her childhood bedroom showed how Merry feels about her life and the unfillfulment in it. I felt compassion and anger for Merry Gold as she tried to find happiness, only for her evil ways to get the best of her.

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Kristle said...

I think that is so interesting, about the order of the town. Everything and everyone had a purpose, except Merry. She didn't quite fit into the mold of society, yet she never really wanted to. I think the book goes beyond the typical theme of belonging, it evokes the feeling of the "unknown". The only thing that she knew is that she had loved ones and Vodka to lift her back up whenever she fell.