Monday, January 28, 2008

Merry Gold

I thought this book was fantastic, once I got past Merry's evil ways. In any case, when a young girl is cutting of the legs of dolls and cutting off her sister's hair; one begins to question her stability. But actually it caught my eye right from the start when she had the Vodka, I knew there would be more to that tale to come. I think Merry persuaded me to dislike Ketzia after a while because she was so weak and Merry so strong. But it is so real because I sometimes see my self as Ketzia, and my older siblings as milder versions of Merry. I don't think Merry ever had total control of her own life, and for that reason, she always ended up with Vodka as her only way out. And so just as the many characters from fairy tales, she probably wished that she could disappear several times. I think the fact that Peter neglected her from the beggining, she thought that she would never be loved, and so it didn't matter whether she was nice to anyone, or formed any meaningful relationships. She had no where to go and nothing to do, but be a misfit to get some sort of attention. I think her ballad tells all, "she was unrecognized...and so Merry turned away"

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Lily Hoang said...

I love it that you felt a kinship to Ketzia, and I'm curious if other folks felt any pull towards one sister or another, if you saw manifestations of self in these very special sisters.