Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ava and Class

After looking back on the class, and realizing the responses to the book, I noticed that all of us had a little bit of diffaculty explaining why we liked it so much. At first I was suprised, because usuallly all of us have much to say for the other books, but why if we liked this book so much, did we have such a hard time articulating our thoughts?

As I thought more and more aboout the book, I realized that because it was very vague in description and because every sentence had a significant meaning, it is hard to be precise on why we enjoyed this read. How is a reader able to generize the experience in reading this book, when it was clear in class that everyone had their own pages of enjoyment? How were we able to say that we favored pg 22 in comparision to 174, but we got more out of the book on pg 150?

In my opinion, I felt that I enjoyed this book, because it was so random. Ava was going to die, and she wrote exactly what she thought. So, in other words I myself got a lot out of the book, and still find it extremely diffacult to articulate why. The only thing I could honestly come up with, is that it is a more positive book with huge amounts of passions on each page.


Courtney Lynn Harris said...
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Courtney Lynn Harris said...

Victoria, I agree, EVERY sentence, every WORD, really, has meaning in this text. Sounds a lot like poetry...

But I wonder, do people who struggle with (or simply dislike)poetry still enjoy this book? Based on responses from our class, yes. People loved AVA, but I have a feeling that many of these same people also struggle with (or dislike) poetry. Any comments, anyone?