Sunday, February 10, 2008

Accidental Species and Ava

First off, after reading the authors response to Accidental Species I have come to appreciate the book a lot more. I felt the fact that I could not understand it really bothered me, but now that I have seen there was actually meaning to this literary confusion, it makes me happy that some of my questions were answered in the interview.

When it came to the book AVA, all I have to say is that I just could not put it down. It took a awhile to get use to the one line sentences, but after a couple pages I was able to get in the rhythm. It was simple, fun, and poetic at the same time. One of my favorite lines, had to have been on page 241 which is a small poem that startes off wiht "The leaves fall early this autumn, in wind....."

As I continued to read this book I honestly put myself in the postion of not having many days on earth and what I would do if I were to have been Ava. The read was more personal for me than anything else, and I am glad to have read it!

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Lily Hoang said...


I have to agree with you on both accounts, but particularly with AVA. The first time I read the book, I think it took me weeks to finish it because I wanted to prolong the experience for as long as possible.

There's something about the emphasis on the sentence that makes everything more immediate and personal.